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How A Business VoIP Phone System Can Benefit Your Company

Working remotely has soared in popularity over the past 10 years.  Studies show that nearly 23% of people report doing some remote working. With the growing community of people already working remotely and the number of people that have demonstrated a wish to follow...

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How To Choose A Business VoIP Provider

 A Business VoIP phone system provides a quick and inexpensive way set up a state-of-the-art multi-location business phone system.  There are many Business VoIP Providers on the market, and choosing the right one for your company can prove to be very complicated. This...

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Why Every Business Need A VoIP Phone System?

What is a Hosted phone system and why should I get one? Instead of that ungainly PBX box in the telecom closet, AVAD delivers all hosted PBX phone services right over your Internet connection using VoIP technology. An AVAD hosted phone system is affordable, easy to...

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VoIP: How Green Is Your PBX?

One of the frequent potential drawbacks to VoIP cited is that VoIP runs on electricity. But how much electricity do IP Phones and IP PBX boxes use? VoIP is surprisingly green and good for the environment, and frees you up to drive less as well. The standard for energy...

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VoIP Policy in the Coming Year

What to Expect from Your VoIP Provider It seems so simple: you dial a phone number, the phone rings, and someone on the other end picks up. But simple phone calls are more steeped in regulations, legislation, and policy than you might imagine. The FCC (Federal...

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Business VoIP Security Risks That Can Ruin Your Company

A Hosted VoIP phone system is a great way for businesses of any size to save money, increase office productivity, and get the best technology. However, there are some risks to be aware of. Businesses can’t risk confidential information, their reputation as a brand...

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Choosing the Best Call Center for Your Business

When the phrase “call center” comes to mind, it may automatically conjures up images of rows of employees hooked up to headsets and telephones in a telemarketing environment. While yes, this mental image is an accurate example of a business using call centers, there...

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Kentucky Legislators and the Great Move Towards VoIP

According to a recent article in Business First, the state of Kentucky may soon see some significant changes in state telecom laws as a result of an initiative spearheaded by AT&T Kentucky. AT&T Kentucky wants to change an old law that mandates that all telecom...

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8 Keys To Choosing a Business VoIP Provider

In the US, there are over 100 Business VoIP Providers. While they all offer the same basic product, phone service, there are differences between them that can have a significant financial impact on your organization. Choosing a Business VoIP Provider is tricky because...

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Phreaking Telecom Fraud

Phreaking is one of more than 400 different kinds of telecommunications fraud (400 at this moment) that could cost your company a serious amount of money. Unlike other types of theft, telecom fraud does not require the thief to expose themselves to any type of...

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Built In Disaster Recovery With Hosted VoIP

The decision to invest in a new business phone system is one of the most import decision a business makes. Every single employee and almost every single current and prospective customer is going to interact with your phone system. It is important to define your...

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Worker Mobility Has Its Downside

According to a new study, the accelerating shift of workers to a more mobile lifestyle has a dark side attached to it, and that “overcoming the challenges of the dark side of mobility is essential for well-being and satisfaction in life and work.” The study,...

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FCC Increases USF Rate To 17.9%

Contribution Factor & Quarterly Filings – Universal Service Fund (USF) Management Support Proposed contribution factor for first quarter 2012 is .179 or 17.9 percent. Contribution Factor: Telecommunications companies must pay a percentage of their interstate end-user...

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