Integrate Mobile with Your Business Phone System

One Business Number for All Devices

  • Seemlessly switch from mobile to office phone
  • Incoming calls ring on all devices
  • Extension dialing from mobile devices

AVAD Technologies Anywhere, users are able to move calls from mobile to desk or desk to mobile seamlessly in addition to being able to perform routine functions traditionally available only from the user desk phone.

Calls to a single number ring all phones and the user is free to answer on any device. Once a call is active on the single number, the user is free to pickup any other device and continue the conversation uninterrupted. For example, if you’re on an office conference call but need to leave for your child’s soccer game — you can move the call to your mobile.

Each user set up can be customized to their particular needs. For example, if a user has multiple numbers under the AVAD Technologies Anywhere umbrella and one is their home phone you can invoke an Answer Confirmation to actually take the call after picking up. You can also set up selective schedules if the user is best served in that manner. AVAD Technologies Anywhere is a very powerful tool that will add value to your mobile options.

AVAD Technologies Anywhere supports an advanced Fixed/Mobile Convergence feature set above and beyond premises-based competitors:

  • One Business Number: Callers dial one number to reach the user’s desk phone, mobile phone and a soft phone simultaneously. All phones share a single voicemail box.
  • Move Calls Among Devices: Users enjoy voice call continuity by moving ongoing calls seamlessly from one phone to another without hanging up.
  • Universal Features: Users have access to all of their business calling features and dialing plans, regardless of which device they use to receive or make the call.
  • Remote Office: Designate a temporary location (home, hotel, etc.) to receive calls. Make calls via click-to-dial using your single number for the caller ID.
  • Web Portal: Self-service management of a user’s phones (add, delete, etc.)
    • Key In-Call Control Features:

      Blind Call Transfer: A “user” out in the field or down the hall receives a call on their mobile device via AVAD Technologies Anywhere. That call can then be transferred to another number or extension. The actions are ## to get dial tone, dialing the number to be transferred to and simply hanging up upon ringing of the dialed number. The party being transferred will get music on hold during the process if configured.

      Consultative Call Transfer: In the case of a consultative transfer the process is exactly the same but the transferring party simply waits for the 3rd party to answer so they can consult first and then simply hangs up to complete the transfer. Should the 3rd party not wish to take the call, the transferring party hits ## to take the call back.

      Three-Way Calling: Once again the initial steps are the same. Upon hearing ringing or while talking with the third-party, the user can press # # to initiate the three-way call. If the user hangs up, the caller and the third-party remain connected. However, if the user presses # # again while on the three-way call, the call leg to the third-party hangs up, and the user and the original caller remain connected. (This is useful when the third party’s voice mail answers.