Unified Communications Software

Unified Communications Software

Unified Communications Software

UC-One is AVAD Technologies Unified Communications Software application that integrates calling, video conferencing, chat, instant messaging, screen sharing, and document sharing with anyone on any device.

This blog post includes videos and descriptions of the features of AVAD’s unified communications software.

Unified Communications

Calling with UC-One

The Unified Communications Software application provides the highest quality carrier-grade calling capabilities to keep your employees connected and productive from any device.  

  • Make and receive your business calls on any device you choose
  • Have an auto-attendant route all your business calls
  • Move a call in progress from your laptop to your smartphone and vice versa
  • Access corporate directories

Unified Communications Software

UC-One comes with built-in meeting rooms so you can have productive online team collaboration with full HD video and voice, group messaging, desktop sharing, moderator controls, and easy guest access.

While you’re meeting, UC-One gives you visibility and access to relevant content shared between everyone in the meeting, such as emails, files, and content from other business applications such as salesforce.com.

Calendar integration automatically displays everyone’s availability.

  • Screen Share – Share your entire screen or just an app, without additional downloads
  • Messaging – Communicate clearly with the team when it’s not convenient to interrupt whoever is speaking
  • Meeting Room – Invite colleagues and guests to your private My Room meeting space, without the hassles of dial-in numbers and passcodes
  • HD Video – High definition video makes it easy to meet as naturally when you’re apart, as when you’re together

Messaging With UC-One

UC-One is ideal for 1-1 and group chatting, enabling you to have quick, engaging, and efficient communications with colleagues.

For cross-company communications, messaging provides a convenient alternative to using email when time critical decisions need to be made with people outside your company.

  • Private and group chat – Exchange messages instantly with a colleague or a team, and minimize email overload
  • Presence status – Remove the guesswork by knowing when a colleague is available to communicate
  • History – Never lose track of your chats by viewing yesterday, last week, last month, or all
  • Content in common – While you’re chatting, everything you share in common like emails or files, is there at your fingertips
Unified Communications Software

Mobile Working, Take Your Office With You

One swipe gives you instant access to key documents and information. 

  • Any Device – It works on iOS, Android tablets, and smartphones
  • One Phone – Make calls from your work number so you maintain a professional image, and keep your mobile number private
  • Move Phone – While you’re in transition, simply pull the call to your phone to continue your conversation
  • Access to Your Office – Easily find colleagues, shared documents and emails from one app
Unified Communications Software

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AVAD Technologies White-Label Telecom Partner Program includes UC-One.   UC-One is our Unified Communications and collaboration Software as a Service (SaaS) for calling, messaging, and meeting with anyone, from any device. It includes HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and conferencing in a single easy-to-use cloud application that integrates with other cloud business applications.

UC-One provides a seamless and consistent communications experience on a PC, tablet or smartphone – ideal for organizations of any size with geographically dispersed teams and mobile employees working at the office, at home, or on the go.

Benefits of Partnering With AVAD Technologies

Do you have a successful technology service business with a solid reputation in your local community?  If you do, you may be looking for additional sources of revenue that you can offer to your existing customers.  Becoming a Private-Label VoIP provider is a natural addition to the services you are already offering.

With AVAD Technologies White label you become the telecommunications provider.  The platform is rebranded under your company’s name and label.  This means you decided which products to sell and the prices those services are offered at.

AVAD Technologies White-Label Partner Program is designed to be easily integrated into your business.  All communications, customer portals, and mobile applications are branded with your company’s logo to consistently maintain the same look and feel as your website and marketing.  All communications will use your logo, your address, and the fonts and colors of your choice. There is nothing at all to indicate that the platform is anything other than your own service.

Operational autonomy

As a VoIP reseller, whether you are a managed service provider or a PBX installer, you will retain autonomy over your VoIP business activity at all times. You are not handing over customer data to another provider – you are delivering and managing this service as your own.  This means that only you will determine your price points, collect payments, bill customers, and provide support.

Customers will communicate and interact with you, not with some unknown third party. Invoices are sent directly from your company.  Nobody else will have access to your customer records or data, and your customers will continue to value and respect you for the service that you provide to them.

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The Future of UCaaS Can be ‘Seen’ On Video

The Future of UCaaS Can be ‘Seen’ On Video

The Future of UCaaS Can be ‘Seen’ On Video

After decades of delays, video has arrived, and is becoming the new voice.

“Video is the new voice” is hardly original, and it’s proven untrue for decades. The hard part about predictions is timing. Of course, there’ll be flying cars and robots that wash our dishes, the question is when. While there’s a lot of interesting new technologies to get excited about, it’s video that’s quietly transforming the way we work and collaborate.

It wasn’t long ago that video communications were limited to science fiction. On Star Trek Captain Kirk brought video communications into our living rooms, and other shows highlighted the concept of portable video on watches and tablets. In “Back to the Future,” when the 1955 Dr. Brown saw a 1985 camcorder, he quipped, “This is truly amazing. A portable television studio. No wonder your president has to be an actor.”

Article originally posted on the No Jitter Blog here.

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