Call Center Detailed Description

The AVAD Technologies call center solution is a highly flexible, feature-rich, fully integrated automatic call distribution (ACD) and call center service that supports the requirements of most business.

Our virtual call center solution includes simple hunting and queuing for small work groups to sophisticated call distribution and routing, conditional announcements, agent availability states, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), desktop clients, monitoring and reporting for more complex call center environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Lower total cost of ownership: Businesses can operate a feature-rich call center, without the up-front expenditures for hardware, software, and platform integration.
  • On-demand service: Our solution can be deployed in days instead of months, since the only activity is to configure and activate the Call Center service. There are no platforms to install and integrate.
  • Carrier-class availability: Our platform is more resilience and fault tolerance than a premises-based platform. If a physical site is unreachable due to either power or transmission issues, inbound calls can be routed to alternate locations or callers can receive an announcement, instead of a busy signal and unanswered calls.
  • Supports both small/simple and large/complex environments: The AVAD Technologies Call Center solution can be configured to support any environment, from the most simple queuing to complex call centers, allowing even the smallest customer to obtain access to features that were previously out of their reach.

Key Features

  • Voice Response: Callers can use an Automated Attendant to get routed to the most appropriate set of agents, with different routing options for business hours and non-business hours.
  • Customized Audio and Video Greetings and Announcements: Callers can receive custom greetings and announcements based on the dialed number (DNIS) when they reach a call center, when they are waiting in a queue, or when they are rerouted to alternate locations.
  • Whisper Announcements: Agents answering ACD calls can hear a custom whisper announcement before being connected to the caller. This allows customers to provide specific call instructions prior to the call based on the dialed number (DNIS).
  • Time and Schedule-based Routing: Inbound calls are routed to alternate destinations during non-business hours and holidays.

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