Call Center Supervisor

The Call Center Supervisor is a real-time Agent and Queue management interface for Call Center Supervisors.

Supervisors can monitor the real-time activity of queues using the Call Center Supervisor client, including viewing individual queued calls, retrieving calls from queue, changing the position of calls in queue, and transferring calls out of the queue.


Manage/Monitor Agents & Queues from Anywhere

  • View status of any agent or queue from the Supervisor client
  • Monitor any call, regardless of agent location or device
  • View call activity and queued calls
  • Manage/reorder/retrieve queued calls
  • Silent monitor/barge in on calls
  • Monitor the real-time activity of agents
  • Change agents ACD state

Real-time Dashboard and Historical Reporting

  • Real-time Dashboard of Agent/Queue activity
  • On-demand ‘canned’ reports of key metrics
  • Scheduled reports
  • Customized reports

Additional Call Center Supervisor FeaturesIn addition to all of the standard Supervisor features a Supervisor also has all call center agent features. Supervisors can also be assigned as Agents in any Call Center, and can utilize all supported agent features.

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