VoIP Reseller to White Label Partner Program

The VoIP Reseller to White Label Partner Program» is designed for companies who want to sell privately branded VoIP phone service.

No Fees When Transferring Customers To Your Partner Account

Resellers can transfer referred customers into their White Label Partner account at any time without penalties or fees.  Early termination, onboarding or any fees are waived when transferring to your White Label account.

This program gives you the time to learn our system well as the responsibilities of selling telecommunications at your own pace.

Program Highlights

Customer Interactions

It’s a partnership even when you are a reseller

You can administer (under our guidance) your referral customers’ phone system while you are still a reseller. We still do all the support, billing, and tax work.

Referral Deals

We close the deals and pay normal commissions

When you transition to a White Label Partner, we will move the customers you referred to AVAD into your new White Label Partner partition.

Prior to the transition, we will work with you behind the scenes to structure the best possible phone system for your customers.

Commissions Continue/Fees Waived

We pay commissions on closed deals while you are a reseller

Earn an ongoing 10% per seat commission until you become a White Label Partner and the customer moves under your account.

Onboarding, porting and early contract termination penalties are waived.

After a customer has moved into your White Label account you have full control of the pricing and all aspects of their phone system including ongoing customer support. We then become your support.

Ongoing Customer Support

We support you, and you support the customer

We provide all support to your customer until you convert to a White Label Partner. After that, you are responsible for all tier 1 and 2 support.
AVAD will then provide support to your company.

We provide all customer support 24/7 by phone, chat, and e-mail.

Program Benefits

Learn the system

If you have never administered a phone system, the Reseller to White Label Partner Program is an ideal way to get started without actually assuming all of the responsibilities.

White Label Partner Training

Resellers in the program are eligible for the free White Label Partners online training.

System Administration

Reseller’s in the program are welcome to work with the system administrators that manage their client’s phone system. This is a great way to learn the system and be involved with their customers.


Unless your first customer is not very large, it is generally not economically viable to become a White Label Partner.  Many of our partners have told us that until billing reaches $1,000/month it is not economically justifiable to become a White Label Partner. This program solves that problem by allowing you to transfer your referrals to your White Label account when you have agragated a sufficient number of referral customers.

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White Label VoIP Partner Program

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