Install New VoIP Phone System Before Moving Offices

Nov 1, 2011

Hosted VoIP phone systems can lower the stress of an office move

One of the most over looked aspects of moving office locations is the impact the move will have on your employees. Moving is a stressfull time for the management responsible for executing the move, but is equally stressfull for the employees.

Your employees must not only get used to new surroundings, they must also conduct business as usual even though for them nothing is as usual. Even the best planned moves are stressful.

So why is it that companies add to the stress by changing phone systems on the same day they move to a new location.

The answer is based on an old assumption that is no longer true. Management assumes the new VoIP Phone system should be installed in the new location and will be ready for use on the first day the new office opens.

If we were still in the era of the tradition PBX phone system, this would be true. Hosted VoIP has changed business telecommunications in many positive ways.

One of these benefits is that Hosted VoIP has simplified the installation process and costs nothing if you do it yourself. Still, many businesses assume they have to wait to install the VoIP system in their new office location..

Anyone can move a Hosted VoIP phone system

Moving a Hosted VoIP phone system is nothing like moving a traditional PBX phone system. It is much simplier because all of the hardware is hosted and maintained by the VoIP provider.

The only telecom equipment at your offices are the IP Phone sets and since they are plug and play, they can easily be moved by your employees to the new office.

As long as each employee keeps the same IP Phone, the system will function exactly the same in your new office. As soon as the IP phones are connected to the network, the re-installation of your VoIP phone system is complete. All company greetings (Auto-Attendant), call routing, voice mail greetings and voice mail boxes remain unchanged. It is really that simple.

Your phone systems continues to function normally during the move

Even while your IP Phones are in boxes your phone system continues to function normally. This is because the equipment that runs your system is not in your office, it is offsite at the VoIP Service Providers telecom facility.

Only phones that are packed are down. The other parts of the system, including your company’s main greeting (Auto-Attendant), individual employee voice mail greetings and voice mail boxes continue to function normally. Your employees can even forward incoming calls to their mobile devices during the move so they won’t miss any calls.

To the outside world your company’s phone system will appear as if nothing has changed, even during the move.

With a traditional business phone system or even a Premise based VoIP system, your system will be down during the move.

Hosted VoIP makes moving less stressful for employees

If you have decided to switch to a hosted VoIP phone system, you might as well install the new system in your old office before you move.

Since there is no additional cost for installation and you have already purchased the IP phone sets (which are probably sitting in a box somewhere in your offices), you might as well install the system and train your employees before you move into new offices.

When moving day arrives, learning a new phone system will be one less headache and new thing your employees will have to deal with.

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