Private-Label SIP Trunks

Not all of your customers are ready to make the move to a hosted phone system.  AVAD’s Private-Label SIP Trunks are a great way for IT companies and Managed Service Providers with customers that have an investment in an on-premise IP-PBX or a legacy digital phone system who are not willing to move to VoIP to  earn ongoing revenue from these clients.

Not all of your customers are ready to make the move to a hosted phone system

With AVAD’s Private Label Partner Program your company can sell competitive dial tone solutions with unlimited or metered calling plans, automatic disaster recovery, and endless compatibility.

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Private-Label SIP Trunks



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AVAD’s Private-Label Partner Program gives our partners all the tools needed to run a VoIP telecommunications business delivered directly under your company’s brand.

Benefits of Partnering With AVAD Technologies

Do you have a successful technology service business with a solid reputation in your local community?  If you do, you may be looking for additional sources of revenue that you can offer to your existing customers.  Becoming a Private-Label VoIP provider is a natural addition to the services you are already offering.

With AVAD Technologies White label you become the telecommunications provider.  The platform is rebranded under your company’s name and label.  This means you decided which products to sell and the prices those services are offered at.

AVAD Technologies White-Label Partner Program is designed to be easily integrated into your business.  All communications, customer portals, and mobile applications are branded with your company’s logo to consistently maintain the same look and feel as your website and marketing.  All communications will use your logo, your address, and the fonts and colors of your choice. There is nothing at all to indicate that the platform is anything other than your own service.

Operational autonomy

As a VoIP reseller, whether you are a managed service provider or a PBX installer, you will retain autonomy over your VoIP business activity at all times. You are not handing over customer data to another provider – you are delivering and managing this service as your own.  This means that only you will determine your price points, collect payments, bill customers, and provide support.

Customers will communicate and interact with you, not with some unknown third party. Invoices are sent directly from your company.  Nobody else will have access to your customer records or data, and your customers will continue to value and respect you for the service that you provide to them.

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