If You Want Your Business to Thrive, You Need These Tech Tips

Feb 23, 2021


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There are so many tech options out there for small businesses that it’s often hard to fit them all into a single guide. So, instead of giving you a comprehensive list of the best tech for your small business, we at AVAD Technologies decided to provide you with some of the top solutions you can’t afford to add to your lineup.

Here are some key tech steps you need to make if you want to help your startup thrive and survive in today’s competitive market.

Find Tech Tools That Help Optimize Your Business Website…

You may already have a website built for your small business. If you can’t answer crucial questions about that website, however, those efforts at improving your online presence could be wasted. These questions include, but are not limited to:

You’re not alone; most small business owners lack the coding and development background needed to build a truly efficient, effective website. If you need to optimize your website but are on a budget, you can use free online tools to make sure your site is as user-friendly and functional as possible. Such tools give you the basics needed to develop online content — and even security — for your small business. If, however, you can spare a little more money, it may be to your benefit to look elsewhere, the details of which can be found in the next section.

…or Hire Pros to Create a Better Website for Your Business

Okay, so you’re not a coding expert and you have zero experience developing small business websites. That doesn’t have to hold your business back, especially if you can invest in hiring freelance designers and experts to help streamline the online operations for your business. For example, you can hire a web and mobile design professionals who can easily create a mobile-friendly website that’s just as easy for you to update as it is for customers to use. With costs ranging significantly, these services can come with a steep price, so take your time ensuring that any designer you invest in will have the skills to deliver the finished product you need. You can even use project management tools and test suites to confirm web developer skills.

Create a smoother checkout process for customers

If you operate a store, you’re probably wondering how to make the shopping experience better for customers. One of the most important components is the checkout process because it can help customers decide whether to return to your store or shop elsewhere.  To make checking out a smoother, faster experience, you’ll need an updated point of sale (POS) system for all your stores (online and in-person). This type of system allows you to scan or search for a product quickly when ringing up customers, ensures that payments are made securely, and provides tools for inventory tracking and adjustments.

Invest Wisely When It Comes to Preventing Data Breaches

 We tend to think of all the ways that tech can help small businesses while ignoring some of the ways that tech can hurt businesses. Small businesses have to be aware of common threats to their online security, including ransomware and doxing. You can protect against these probable attacks by boosting training and operations around cybersecurity. We say probable rather than potential because the likelihood that your business will be targeted by hackers is actually pretty high.

Over 14 million businesses are threatened by hackers and data breaches each year, which means your small business could very well be one of them. So, don’t leave your business’s online security plan up to chance. Create a set of clear policies and procedures around online security and make sure all employees are aware of them. Also, invest in firewalls and other tech that can help keep your data safe from hackers and other online threats.

Use technology to save money

It’s also wise to consider budget-friendly ways that tech can help your small business. For example, if you’ve been paying for a separate phone line for your business, it’s more cost-effective to switch to a VoIP setup. When you use a provider like Avad Technologies, you’ll have unlimited calling for the U.S. and Canada, and you can access unlimited audio and voice conferencing as well as app calling, team messaging, and voicemail.  Other ways to save money through tech include tapping into social media marketing, using the cloud for storage, seeking out automation opportunities when possible, and even allowing your staff to work remotely.

Having the right tech can be integral to the success of your small business. By putting proper practices in place to secure your online presence, promote your business, and protect your private data, you are doing much more than investing in short-term profits — you are taking the necessary steps to protect the long-term sustainability of your small business. Because small businesses don’t just need tech to thrive; they need to rely on tech in order to survive.

If you’re ready to ditch the landline and move your small business to VoIP, reach out to Avad Technologies today. We have price plans that fit any budget.

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