AVAD Technologies’s Hosted VoIP Call Center supports both individual as well as distributed multi-site call centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of geographic location.

Build Your Own Hosted VoIP Call Center

  • Simplified installation and maintenance.
  • No hardware required.
  • Easily add/remove agents.
  • Add an unlimited number of agents.
  • Agents can be located anywhere, including home based agents.
  • No hardware required, agents can use a soft phone.
  • Agressive Pricing Plans

Configurable Routing

  • Enhanced Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Route calls to any agent regardless of geographic location
  • Customizable Periodic Comfort Message

Key Features:

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Intelligent call routing and queuing.
    Enhanced ACD:Advanced queuing when call center is not staffed and maximum wrap-up timer settings.
  • Auto Attendant: View Auto-Attendant DetailsInteractive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging.
  • Call Center Reporting: View Call Center ReportsPreset real-time and historical reports in graphical and tabular form.
  • Music On Hold and Comfort Announcement: Callers are provided with a greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements in audio or video format.
  • Monitoring and Recording: View Call Recording DetailsPre-integrated, third-party vendor solutions for real-time monitoring and recording of agent calls.

Hosted Call Center Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service: Ensure all incoming calls are serviced efficiently under any network condition and at any time.
  • Easily create virtual call centers: Establish call centers anywhere in the world, just with a broadband connection.
  • Follow-the-Sun customer care: Offer 24x7x365 ubiquitous services with a single number for distributed call center locations.
  • Manage calls effectively: Choose from a range of call distribution policies, including skills-based call distribution. Minimize Costs: Provide the option for agents to work remotely with access to all call features. Voice mail Transfer: Transfer calls directly to voice mail.