Does Your Business Need New Phone Service ASAP?

Is your business phone system down or are you experiencing call quality issues? Are there other issues that requires you to take immediate action to move your business phone service to a different provider?

AVAD’s ASAP Expedited Phone Service

AVAD can put in place a new, fully functional, Business VoIP phone system that uses your existing business phone numbers in less than a day depending on the specifics of your situation.

Our solution includes Business VoIP phone service including UC-One. UC-One or Unified Communications is a state-of-the-Art communications suite; fully integrating voice, video, instant messaging & presence, desktop sharing, and audio/web conferencing.

Do I need VoIP Phones For ASAP Expedited Service?

You do not need to have VoIP phones to use our service, but if you have VoIP phones we should be able to use them on our platform.  Even if you don’t have VoIP phones, we can still give your employees full calling capabilities using a desktop/laptop computer and a headset or they can use their existing mobile devices. You can add VoIP phones at any time.

Expedited Phone Service Request 800.733.4136

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What is UC-One And How And How We Use It To Set Up Your Company

UC-One is a collaboration app, that lets you call, message, and meet with anyone from any device. UC-One includes voice, video, IM, screen sharing, and conferencing in a single cloud application. We are going to use UC-One to set up your new phone system and have it up and running in no time.

With UC-One, we can quickly set up a new company system to answer all inbound calls to your company exactly how they were being answered by your old system. Inbound calls to your primary phone number will be handled exactly how they are currently being answered with the same greetings. Employee’s phones will be set up the same way with the same numbers, extensions and voicemail accounts. You will also be able to transfer calls to any phone number, including mobile numbers.

What about Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers can also be forwarded to our system and will continue to work without interruption.

Is There A Cost For ASAP Expedited Service?

We do not charge extra for ASAP Expedited Service.  We offer several Business VoIP Calling Plans and you are free to choose any of our plans. We start charging as soon as your system is activated. Business calling plans range in price from $14.95 – $39.95/month per user. All plans include unlimited US local and long distance calling.

How Do I Sign Up For ASAP Expedited Service

Complete the form on the right side of this page or call 800.733.4136.

What if I am unhappy with AVAD’s service.

We offer month-to-month and 1-year contracts. You can choose either plan.