Business VoIP: A Start-Up Company’s Best Bet for Growth

Jul 18, 2013

A small business has many tasks and expenses to keep track of when starting up. Every little detail must be researched, implemented, and polished until everything is perfect for a successful business to get off of the ground.

Among those first decisions is choosing the best phone service for the business. Fortunately, this decision is a surprisingly easy choice. Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems are cheaper, more efficient, and simpler than a plain old telephone system, making VoIP the best choice for a start-up.

How Does Business VoIP Work?

Instead of relying on telephone lines that crisscross the nation which rely on a physical connection from one phone to another, VoIP phone systems utilize already existing Internet connections to send calls as transmitted packets of data. Because the data is encrypted and compressed, calls with much higher audio quality take up less bandwidth space than analog phones do.

No New Equipment

By simply plugging a regular phone into an analog-to-digital converter, small businesses can connect their phones to the Internet without any new hardware. Since almost all modern businesses require an Internet connection, this isn’t usually a problem. A small business can have their phone system up and running in no time.

Scalable PBX Superiority

Most businesses with multiple phones need an office PBX. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) operates similarly to a phone switch operator. The PBX connects internal calls to each other, and connects external calls to the internal phone lines and vice versa.

A PBX coordinates multiple phone lines with multiple extensions, so that more calls can occur simultaneously. These phone lines and extensions are all scalable for easy growth, providing a convenient way to make sure businesses have exactly the right settings they need.

While larger companies with full IT departments might choose to operate an on-site PBX, most small businesses cannot afford to install and maintain their own PBX. In this case, a hosted VoIP PBX system works better. A hosted PBX is hosted off-site by the business VoIP provider and translates all internal and external calls into cheap Internet calls.

Why is Business VoIP So Cheap?

Because VoIP does not rely on a physical connection between two places, VoIP is able to avoid having to use lengthy phone lines. While it must connect to them when calling to a traditional analog phone, VoIP can connect to the closest available central phone office. That means that calls using Business VoIP are usually under a penny a minute, or even unlimited.

What are the Benefits of VoIP for a Budding Business?

A new business needs to be able to handle a high volume of phone calls from customers, distributors, and investors. Since a PBX has multiple lines, calls can be sent to any number of extensions, making sure that callers will always have someone to talk to and no sales calls are ever lost due to a busy line.

VoIP service also comes with a number of features that starting businesses are eager to have, including some of the following:

Find Me Follow Me allows businesses to forward incoming calls to a call center, an answering machine, a home phone, or even a mobile number. This means that starting businesses don’t have to worry about missing out on some of their first few phone calls.

Call Waiting and Hold Music are provided with almost all VoIP carriers. This makes waiting on hold a lot more enjoyable, and helps promote good customer service.

Reliable networks use multiple nodes to connect calls through, rather than running them through a single line like a traditional phone would. This means that even when disaster strikes and knocks out the phone lines, small businesses with VoIP will still be able to make (and take) calls.

Number Porting means that a start-up can switch over to VoIP at any time without having to change their current phone number.

Small businesses have an ally with a VoIP phone system. From cheap prices to scalable extensions, VoIP is there to help small businesses save money at the beginning, and help them grow when it counts.

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