8 Crucial Things To Consider When Choosing A Business VoIP Provider

Jan 16, 2019

In the US, there are over 100 Business VoIP Providers. While they all offer the same basic product, phone service, there are differences between them that can have a significant financial impact on your organization.

Choosing a Business VoIP Provider is tricky because telephone service is not a physical item. You can’t touch it or see it and it is difficult to test before you commit.

Making the task even more difficult is that most Business VoIP Providers are not physically located in your area and even if a company was in your area, going to their offices to check out their system would not tell you very much. All you could see is a bunch of people working in offices and cubicles. The actual network hardware is located in a data center, which should not be at the Business VoIP Providers offices.

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