Phreaking Telecom Fraud

Feb 28, 2012

Phreaking is one of more than 400 different kinds of telecommunications fraud (400 at this moment) that could cost your company a serious amount of money.

Unlike other types of theft, telecom fraud does not require the thief to expose themselves to any type of physical risk. Telecom fraudsters do not have to carry weapons, physically break into a structure or risk a physical confrontation of any kind. They don’t even have to be on the same continent to rip you off. Anybody with a computer has the necessary tools. Scary.

If successful, you will not even know you were robbed until the telecom fraudster is long gone and you are stuck holding an enormous bill.

Relying on your telecom provider to completely protect your company against this type of fraud is like “sticking your head in the sand”. If your company is hit with fraud and there is a financial loss, you should expect your telecom company to pass that expense on to you.

Fortunately, there are safeguards, in addition to the safeguards provided by your telecom provider, that you can easily put in place that will significantly reduce your exposure to telecom fraud. Here are some common sense internal telecom policies that will help you further insulate your company against telecom fraud.

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