How A Hosted VoIP Phone System Can Benefit Your Company

Jul 2, 2019

Working remotely has soared in popularity over the past 10 years.  Studies show that nearly 23% of people report doing some remote working.

With the growing community of people already working remotely and the number of people that have demonstrated a wish to follow suit, we expect this number to continue to rise.  According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of employees believe that working remotely would help them become more productive.

Sooner or later, these employees are going will become frustrated and start looking for jobs in organizations that offer the flexibility of working remotely at least some of the time.  A business that refuses to allow employees to work from home may loose valuable employees, and the ones that remain will likely be less productive.

How Business VoIP phone service can help your company

The flexibility of a Business VoIP phone system means that team members can physically be located anywhere in the world and still be able to answer the phone like they if they were in an office and be just as productive.  This means employees are able to work remotely without it affecting internal or customer communications.

With infrastructure costs rising, companies will be looking for areas in which they can make savings; a Business VoIP phone system requires a much smaller upfront capital investment, which frees up money for other uses.

Save money and get more features

Business VoIP phone systems offer as much or more business calling features as compared to a traditional premise-based phone system.  Additionally, the cost to implement new features can be next to nothing with a hosted VoIP phone system.  This is especially true when a business needs to add new business calling and PBX features to multiple physical locations. If you rely on features like call recording, call forwarding and time-based routing, with a hosted VoIP phone system these features can literally be added in a matter of seconds, even to remote locations.

Although cloud phone systems use the internet to send and receive calls, you won’t run into any issues if you’re suffering from a poor connection – you’ll still be able to transfer calls over to co-workers or remote locations.  Companies using AVAD Business VoIP phone service can also use our UC-One app to easily see which team members are busy on the phone and which are available, so calls are handled efficiently and effectively.

How easy is it to set up?

Unlike traditional premise-based PBX, Business VoIP phone systems are fast and easy to set up – you can be up and running in minutes rather than weeks.  Providers like AVAD can also work with you to port any existing phone numbers you have in place and will assist in setting up and optimizing your system so your transition is seamless.

You can find out more about setting up your internet phone service here, and feel free to contact AVAD Technologies at 800.733.4136 if you have any questions about moving from a traditional PBX phone system to a cloud-based system!

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