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Our Hosted VoIP phone system offers a powerful set of fully configurable business VoIP calling features. All business VoIP calling features can be remotely configured via the Administrative Web Portal interface.

AVAD’s Business VoIP phone service is a fully scalable solution that can grow as your business evolves. It allows you the flexibility to add features and services as they become available, enabling you to add business value.

VoIP Phone System Features

What is it?

The Auto Attendant is a virtual receptionist It answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers. Callers have the option to connect to the operator, dial by name or extension, or connect to configurable extensions.

How does it Work?

When someone calls your main number and a live receptionist is not present, the caller is properly greeted and presented with a menu of options which they select from to connect to the right person or department.

For example, they will be asked to “press ‘1’ for Sales, press ‘2’ for Distribution”, etc. They may be presented with a Dial by Name Directory or routed to another Auto Attendant for a particular department or location.

Receptionist Console
This web-based service enables a user (for example, a receptionist) to monitor a configurable set of users in their business group.The Attendant Console service provides critical call detail and group member status for effective attendant call routing. Entirely web-based, this service surpasses legacy PBX consoles and seamlessly combines with other AVAD applications, such as Auto Attendant, for enhanced attendant solutions.
Administrative Web Portal
The web portal provides the group administrator with a web interface that allows for viewing, provisioning and configuring the resources of a group.
US Based Customer Support
We assign a live dedicated tech support team to each customer.
Dial by Name Directory
What is it?

An easily accessible list of the users in your group, and other pertinent information about them, including their phone numbers. The list may be viewed alphabetically, numerically, etc.

How does it Work?

Clicking on the phone number of any user in the group causes your telephone to instantly dial that person.

Extension Dialling
The configurable extension dialling service allows the users of a group to call one another using abbreviated dialling.

The abbreviated digit string ranges from two to six digits in length, and is set to the last n12 digits of the user’s phone number by default. The group administrator can change the default extension to any other value that is not already in use by another member of the group.

Once assigned, user's extensions can be used for dialling and for more intra-group routing application that require a phone number (for example, call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, speed dial, and so on).

Group Paging/Intercom
This feature allows you to page a defined group of people. For example, you could page employees in a department or who are located on a different floor.
Overhead Paging
Paging through the phone sets. This service can be configured in zones so that only certain area will hear the page. Paging can be configured to work across physical locations.
Hunt Groups
What are they?

Hunt groups allow a caller to automatically find an available (i.e. “not busy”) agent from amongst a group of extensions. Each extension will be tried in order until a “free” extension is reached. Extensions will be skipped if the person is currently on the phone or has marked their extension as “blocked” from hunting.

How does it work?

Depending on how the hunt group is set up, the incoming call will “hunt” for an available agent. There are several ways to set these up:

Call Pickup
Call Pickup allow you to answer someone else’s phone when it’s ringing nearby.

How does it work?

Let’s suppose a colleague's telephone is ringing, but they’ve stepped away from their desk. You can answer the call by picking up your own phone and then using one of the call pickup features, instead of walking over to the colleague’s desk.

Call Parking
Call Park is a way to place a call on hold that can be picked up anywhere in the office. A call can be parked by anyone, at any extension, and then the call can be picked up from any extension.
Calling Name ID Delivery
This service provides calling name delivery to its users by retrieving the calling name from a PSTN-hosted database through an SS7-enabled network element like a soft switch.

Feature Access Codes
Adds additional system features such as transferring a call to voice mail by pressing "#" and 2 digits on the phone.
Conference Bridges
Our Reservation-less Conference Calling is a completely on-demand conference call service that allows you to conduct conference calls 24/7 using any type phone. Set up a conference call any time, anywhere, without any reservations.

Audio Conferencing provides a full range of conferencing capabilities, from simple reservation-less conferencing to enterprise-class scheduled conferencing that hosts hundreds of users.

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Voice Mail to E-Mail
It is the ability to receive voice mail messages on your email system, in addition to your telephone system.
General Voice Mail Boxes
Additional voice mail boxes can be added to your system.
Hi Definition Voice
Clear conversations and reduced background noise so you feel like you're right next to each other.
Music On Hold
This service allows an administrator to set up and maintain an audio or video source that can be broadcasted to held parties in various scenarios (Call Park, Call Hold, and Call Centers)
Hoteling allows users to associate their service profiles with devices other than their own. The service is typically used by transient employees. For example, an enterprise can set up visitor cubicles with phones that visiting employees can use with their own service profiles.
Customer Care Message
Plays a voice message at pre-defined intervals for callers that have been placed on hold.

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