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Charities, foundations, and community organizations rely on donations and volunteer workers to go after their missions and social cause. One way to empower Non-Profit organizations to engage volunteers, enhance employee productivity, approach donors and wherever they are is by using a communication platform like Voice over IP.

What are The Advantages of Voice over IP for Non-Profits?

A VoIP phone system can benefit Non-Profits by increasing the efficiency of their operations, boost fundraising efforts, reduce turnover, and reduce capital costs.

Charities, foundations, and community organizations need to support volunteers and workers in the field to help them deliver top-notch service. This is one of the many reasons Non-Profits use VoIP and VoIP mobile applications. They allow Non-Profits to keep everyone connected in real-time and in any location.


A Voice over IP phone system with Unified Communications has extensive features that can greatly enhance a Non-Profit’s ability to deliver accurate information to staff, volunteers, and donors

Raise awareness about their cause: Through standard VoIP features such as instant messaging, call conferencing, and voicemail to email, Non-Profit organizations can broadcast relevant information about new campaigns and activities to gain support and to rally volunteers. Non-Profits can also easily communicate with remote workers to discuss issues and to collaborate with other organizations to enhance their social campaigns.

  • Enable a flexible communication solution for remote staff: A VoIP phone system can help Non-Profits efficiently send and receive information across multi-sites (as long as reliable Internet access is available). Because of this, Non-Profits can improve their communication practices and enhance the efficiency and productivity of their workers and volunteers.
  • Securely and cost-efficiently handle large call volumes: VoIP phone system benefit Non-Profits by enabling them to handle a large volume of calls and to ensure these calls are addressed on time. This allows Non-Profits to easily and efficiently spread their mission to all staff including remote workers, volunteers, and donors.
  • Expanding reach: A Voice over IP phone system that includes unified communications (UC) allows Non-Profits to expand their geographic reach globally. Using the mass messaging feature included in a phone system that includes unified communications, Non-Profits can convert donors and volunteers into advocates for their causes. Broadcast emails can inspire supporters to donate and participate in the non-profit’s causes.

What are the VoIP Features that Enhance Productivity for Non-Profits?

A Voice over IP phone system includes all the features that Non-Profits need to improve the mobility, productivity, and service of their staff in all locations.

Staff members who spend time away from the office can rely on a VoIP phone system’s virtual office extension to stay connected. Mobile devices become part of the non-profit’s phone system and allow these workers to receive calls and messages from coworkers and volunteers as if they were working in the main office.

Features such as call transfer, hunt groups, and find me/follow me have the capacity to route calls to all workers regardless of the physical location. A VoIP phone system with Unified Communications offers the following:

  • Auto Attendant – This feature allows Non-Profits to route every call efficiently to the correct person or department. Callers are also be greeted with a professional recording that can include updates on activities and events further enhancing the caller’s experience.
  • Video Conferencing – This powerful VoIP feature enables Non-Profit organizations to conduct virtual meetings. With this feature, Non-Profits can keep their donors and volunteers engaged and at the same time turn them into advocates of the organization.
  • Call Monitoring and Call Recording – These two features help Non-Profits monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls. Keeping track of calls allows Non-Profits can gain insight into their organization allowing them to improve the effectiveness of their communications.

The mass notification feature allows easy access to volunteers, supporters, and drive donations. Mass broadcasting messages, alerts, and updates allow Non-Profits to improve engagements and interactions, and build stronger relationships with these groups.

How Can VoIP Helps Non-Profits Reduce Operational Costs?

VoIP technology can help Non-Profits save time and reduce expenses by creating a communications solution that can deliver timely and accurate messages and information to workers, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries at very low costs.

A VoIP phone system minimizes upfront capital and ongoing expenses. A VoIP phone system does not require the purchase of expensive telecommunications equipment nor does it require hiring a dedicated IT staff to maintain the system.

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