Lane County, Oregon 6 Months Free Phone Service For Qualified Non-Profit Organizations

AVAD Technologies supports local communities by providing Business VoIP phone service to qualified nonprofits free for the first 6-months and a 5% monthly discount for the life of service.

VoIP Services Are Free For The First 6-Months

For the first 6-months of service with AVAD, the non-profit will receive a 100% discount on VoIP services.

Non-Profit Qualification

If your organization is based in the United States, you’ll need to scan and provide a copy of your official 501c3 determination letter.

What Is Included In The Discount?

What Happens At The End Of The Free Trial Period?

We hope that you will continue to use our phone service, but this is optional.  Each month, your organization will be provided with a paid invoice that lists all the charges.  If you choose to continue service, this is the amount your organization will pay monthly for our service.  This invoice includes a 5% ongoing discount.

Can I Use My Existing Telecom Equipment and Hardware?

If you currently have VoIP phone sets, there is a good chance they will be compatible with our system. If not, your organization will need to purchase VoIP hardware that is compatible with our service.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete the contact form below. After we have received the completed form, we will contact you to begin the process. As part of this process, we require documentation that your organization qualifies as a non-profit.

After we have verified your organization’s non-profit status, you will then complete AVAD’s normal account opening documentation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800.733.4136

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