4 Tips to Help You Recover From Job Loss and Reclaim Your Confidence

Dec 30, 2020

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Losing your job due to the pandemic is tough, but you can pick yourself back up and bounce back from this letdown. You just need to take a moment, take a deep breath, and then take the time to read through the following professional recovery insights from AVAD Technologies.

Refresh Your Home Workspace

Whether you plan on jumping right back into the job market or taking your time to search, having an organized home office can help. This way, you will have a central command center to search for jobs, prepare your resume and cover letters, conduct Zoom interviews, and work on any future assignments. Try to keep this space free of clutter and other potential distractions.

Having the right equipment in your office can also translate into more success, especially if your current laptop or home office gear is outdated. If you need a new laptop, buying one online from a manufacturer like Lenovo could save you a considerable chunk of change. That’s because these companies usually offer special discounts and promos on their sites. You can also minimize stress and costs by buying other basics online, including a standing desk.

Look for Remote Work Opportunities

If you need to get back to work quickly, a remote position can help you do so. Platforms like FlexJobs can make it simple to find the remote work you need, but you need to take the time to read through job descriptions. Otherwise, you could end up applying for a job that is 100 percent remote but also has location requirements that you do not meet.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scam artists out there who prey on people looking for remote work. Be on the lookout for these potential red flags to avoid these scams.

  • Buzzwords like “quick money” or “unlimited earning potential” in the ad.
  • Premature requests for personal or financial information.
  • Unsolicited emails, texts, or calls in which you are offered a job.

Upgrade Your Professional Communications

If you’re relying on a standard connection for work and business calls at home, you could be limiting your potential. A more secure VoIP connection will prevent your Zoom meetings and other professional calls from being interrupted by static, scammers, and hackers. With crystal-clear sound, you can also rest assured that you won’t miss out on any important words or details from potential employers or potential clients.

While you’re at it, it may also be worthwhile to upgrade your phone. Then not only will you be able to search and apply for remote jobs on-the-go, but you can also download apps that can boost your productivity when working from home. Including Todoist, Slack, and Trello.

Consider Setting Up a New Small Business

You could work remotely for another company. Or, you could start your very own company. Changing consumer demands have left several opportunities open for motivated entrepreneurs, including various types of virtual services. For instance, you could open your own tutoring business to help parents of children who are now learning at home.

If you do decide to start a business out of your home, remember the benefits of investing in a VoIP system. Some perks include stronger connections for calls and added security.

Even if you go back to a full-time position, you can still keep your business as a side gig. You will just need to make sure your side hustle doesn’t interfere with your main job. You should also take care to minimize any associated expenses and to create a work-life balance at home.

Losing a job is just like any other loss. It can take time to process and recover. Allow yourself this time. Take care to get the rest and self-care you need. Then use the downtime you have to improve your home office, so you can get back on your feet with a remote position or even a new business! Either one can help you earn the extra income and confidence you need.

Whether you need VoIP services or just need more information to improve communications for your business or professional life, AVAD Technologies has you covered!

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