Dedicated VoIP Support

“All The Support You Need Whenever You Need It”  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For the first 60-days following installation, if our service does not meet your expectations, we will refund any money paid.

No downtime for your company

One of the keys to providing great phone service is to prevent problems from happening.

Our platform runs on the worlds most reliable, carrier-grade telecommunications network, is monitored 24/7 and has numerous security features in place.

We strive for a 99.999% up-time so that your business is never affected.

Dedicated  VoIP Support

Types of Support

Emergency support: We get very few emergency support requests because our platform is monitored 24/7 and issued are corrected immediately.  Most emergency support calls are answered immediately.

Non-Emergency Support: is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M to 8:00 P.M. Eastern time.  Non-emergency calls are answered no later than the next business day.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support is like having an “in-house” IT department but without the expense.

You won’t have to spend time learning and making changes to our system.  Call us and tell us what you need and we will make the changes.

Dedicated Support is included with all calling plans.

A vision for better business phone service

A simple but powerful communications solution

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