Virtual Call Center Pricing

Our Virtual Call Center pricing includes includes the features you would expect to find only in the largest and most sophisticated call centers. Our call center solution can be customized to your company’s requirements. You get all the features and benefits of a multi-million dollar call center at a price even small businesses can afford.

Our virtual call center can be deployed in days, not months it takes to deploy a traditional premise-based call center. Our solution will save you money as you won’t need to hire an implementation team or IT staff to support our system.

Listed below are the prices for the most common call center components. You can view a complete list on the call center features page.

Call Center ComponentPrice/Month
Call Center Service Pack$24.95
Music on HoldIncluded
Standard Queue$39.95
Standard Agent$88.95
Standard Supervisor$128.95
Call Recording$9.95
Inbound Call Rate$0.01
Outbound Call Rate$0.0125