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Non-profit and social services organizations have unique needs related to fundraising and unique challenges when it comes to communicating with employees, donors and customers. Social service organizations want affordable solutions that allow them to manage resources to generate contributions while at the same time meeting their commitments to spend as much as possible on the core mission and as little as possible on operational expenses.  View our Non-Profit Donation Program.

Deploying a business phone system with Unified Communications allows non-profit organizations to gain control of their operating costs while benefiting from a modern, flexible communications service that can adapt to a wide range of communication needs. AVAD Technologies provides solutions that empower non-profit companies to offer work-from-home, on-the-go, mobility and onsite flexibility. Video is fully integrated into the platform so it is as easy to chat with a colleague in another country as it is to talk to the person in the very next cubicle.

Contact center capabilities help process callers through an intelligent framework to the correct employee, quickly and efficiently. For first responders during an emergency, callers can quickly be re-routed to remote offices or cell phones, text alerts and messaging can be deployed simultaneously all in an effort to keep your customers and employees well informed during the times when it is needed most.

AVAD Technologies views it as a privilege to support local non-profit organizations committed to causes of helping those in need within our community beyond. We have installed and designed system solutions for many non-profits to include social services, shelters, healthcare clinics, youth clubs and organizations, schools, churches, the public service sector and more. We have been in existence for more than 15-years providing voice, data and Cloud-based communications.

View our Non-Profit Discount Program.


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