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Business VoIP Pricing Plans

All pricing applies to new customers. Service is billed on a per-device basis.

Business VoIP Calling Features

Calling FeatureOffice StandardOffice AdvancedOffice Premium
Basic Call LogsYYY
Call Forwarding AlwaysYYY
Call Forwarding Always SecondaryYYY
Call Forwarding BusyYYY
Call Forwarding No AnswerYYY
Call Forwarding Not ReachableYYY
Call RecordingYYY
Call ReturnYYY
Call TransferYYY
Call WaitingYYY
Connected Line ID PresentationYYY
Connected Line ID RestrictionYYY
Directory Number HuntingYYY
Fax MessagingYYY
Flash Call HoldYYY
Last Number RedialYYY
Three-Way CallingYYY
Voice Messaging - UserYYY
Voice Messaging - User (Video)YYY
Alternate NumbersYY
Anonymous Call RejectionYY
Automatic Call BackYY
Automatic Hold/RetrieveYY
BroadWorks AnywhereYY
BroadWorks Communicator DesktopYY
Busy Lamp FieldYY
Call Center MonitoringYY
Call Center User BasicYY
Call Center User StandardYY
Call Forwarding SelectiveYY
Call Me NowYY
Call NotifyYY
Custom Ringback - Call WaitingY
Custom Ringback UserY
Custom Ringback User - VideoY
Directed Call PickupYY
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-InYY
Diversion InhibitorYY
Do Not DisturbYY
Executive - AssistantYY
Flexible Seating GuestY
Group Night ForwardingYY
Hoteling GuestYY
Hoteling HostY
In Call Service ActivationY
Integrated IM&PY
Multiple Call ArrangementY
Music On Hold - VideoY
Music On Hold UserY
N-Way CallingYY
Personal AssistantY
Personal Mobility PackageYY
Pre-Alerting AnnouncementYY
Priority AlertYY
Remote OfficeY
Route ListY
Selective Call AcceptanceYY
Selective Call RejectionYY
Sequential RingY
Shared Call AppearanceYY
Shared Call Appearance 10Y
Shared Call Appearance 5YY
Silent AlertingYY
Simultaneous Ring PersonalY
Speed Dial 100YY
Speed Dial 8YY
Two Stage DialingY
UC-One ConnectYY
Virtual On-Net Enterprise ExtensionsY
Voice Portal CallingY

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