Hosted Phone System Installation

Hosted Phone System Installation

We make sure the transition to our service is seamless and your phone service is not interrupted.

Think Of AVAD As Your “In-House” Telecom Department

We assign a Dedicated Support Team to every customer. This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the installation and to ensure that your system functions as expected when launched.

Step: 1: System Design Requirements

In order to create a customized phone system, we have to know what you want. This involves conversations with the Business VoIP Specialist from your Dedicated Support Team. We need information about out how you would want your new system configured to insure the new system meets your requirements.

During these initial meetings, we also inform you of some of new features of your system that you may not be aware of and ways that you can incorporate these features into your system, if you choose.

Our job is to help your company maximize the benefits of our service

Moving to a new phone system is a perfect time to “re-engineer” your company’s call flows. This is especially true with our solution since you can “live test” your system without interrupting your existing phone system.

Many companies choose to simply re-create their existing phone system using our solution, and this is perfectly acceptable. Or, we can show you ways to use the features included in your new phone system to increase productivity, save money, improve customer service or enhance your sales process.

Your Dedicated Business VoIP Specialist is there to guide you through this process and offer suggestions about ways you can use our Hosted VoIP phone system to improve your calling experience.

Step 2: Select Your Phone System Components

Because our solution is so flexible and has many customization options, it can be confusing, if you did not have a “Dedicated Business VoIP Specialist” assigned to your account. But you do, and they will help you make the right choices and configure your system so that your business has a phone system that works for and not against your business.

Components Of Your Hosted VoIP Phone System

  • VoIP Hardware (IP Phone Sets & VoIP Router)
  • PBX Components (Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Paging etc.)
  • Business VoIP Calling Plans
  • IP Phone Sets (1-Year Guarantee)

We only use the best IP phones on the market. Primarily we use either Polycom or Cisco IP phones.

You can purchase all of the IP Hardware you will need for your phone system directly from AVAD. The standard manufacturer guarantee is 90-days, We increase the guarantee on equipment you purchase from us to 1-year. If anything should go wrong with your equipment during the first year, we will ship a replacement to you free of charge, shipping included.

Prices for these phones start at $135.00.

Simple Set Up: IP Phones Are “Plug and Play”

The phones arrive at your offices pre-configured. To set up an IP Phone, all you need to do is give the correct phone to each employee, attach to your network with the supplied ethernet cable and plug the phone into the power outlet.

As soon as the power goes on the phone is ready to use. Each phone will have the correct extension, phone number, voice mail box and be assigned to the appropriate ring group (if any) when they arrive at your office.

The “plug and play” feature makes it very easy to change your office lay out or move to a new office location. To move your phone system, all you need to do is to move the IP phone sets to their new location and plug them in.

PBX Components

PBX components are pieces of software that reside on our servers that create your business phone system. An example of a PBX service is an Auto-Attendant, Hunt Groups, Overhead Paging etc. They connect all the phones in your organization into a business phone system.

You choose which services you need and we do the rest. If you should need to make a change, just tell us a we will make the change.

Business VoIP Calling Plans

AVAD offers The Following Business VoIP Calling Plans

  • Premium Direct Dial ($39.95/mon, unlimited calling, direct dial number)
  • Advanced Extension Plan ($29.95/mon, unlimited calling)
  • Limited Use (For conference/Break Rooms)
  • Virtual Extension (Remote/Mobile Workers)

With the exception of the Limited Use Calling Plan, each of the above plans include unlimited US and Canada calling. The choice of a business VoIP calling plan depends on the needs of the users in your company. Your Dedicated Business VoIP Specialist will help you choose the best plans for your company.

It is easy to change plans. Simply call your Dedicated Support Team and request the change. Most changes are completed in less than 24-hours. Your company can is not limited to a single business VoIP calling plan, you can mix & match calling plans within your company.

Step 3: Network Analysis

A Hosted VoIP pone system runs over your existing network and uses your high-speed internet connection to make phone calls. It is important that your network be capable of handling the increased traffic of your new Hosted VoIP phone system.

Almost all internal corporate networks and high-speed internet connections are capable of handling a Hosted VoIP phone system with minimal changes. We analyze your current network and will suggest changes if required. We will also work with your existing Internet Service Provider to make sure that you have the proper bandwidth required for your new phone system.


Your System Is Throughly Tested Before Going Live

After the hardware has been installed, the PBX components have been configured, and all of your employees user accounts have been set up, we throughly test your system.

In addition, we train your employees to use the new system using the actual phones and system we have set up.

You will be able to test all of the features of the system including, placing and receiving calls, set up company greetings on the Auto-Attendant, set and use voice mail accounts, or test any system feature in a live environment.

The new system is completely separate from your existing phone system and has no affect or impact on your live phone system.

Test And Make Changes Until You Are Satisfied

You will be able to test the system during the installation process. If there is something you are not happy with, let us know and we will make implement the changes. We will do this until you are completely happy with your new system.

Step 5: GO LIVE

This is always a time of high anxiety. Is everything going to work or will my company be without phone service. Remember, you have been testing your system before you even got to this point and you were comfortable that it works and your employees have also been trained.

Stop: Something Is Not Right!

Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed and should something go wrong, we can easily switch your phone service back to your original system in minutes while we work out the kinks. Remember, nothing was changed on your old system.