Like any other product, Businesses considering VoIP should do the research first. More importantly, they should first determine what their own businesses needs are.

If your goal is only to save money choosing the lowest price provider could actually end up costing you money.

How? If your company is not prepared for VoIP i.e. or you do not have an adequate internet connection or a router that is not capable of handling VoIP traffic, you could end up with a phone system that is worse than the system you are replacing.

The real benefit of a VoIP telephone system is the features and functions the service offers. There is a way that almost any company can implement a VoIP phone system that will allow them to either improve customer service or increase productivity. But, you have to do the research and planning first. You must first look at your business processes and determine how things can be improved before you purchase a VoIP phone system. After you have identified your needs, then go out and find a VoIP Provider that offers a solution that meets your needs.

If your only motivation for switching to VoIP is to save money, you still must make sure the new system meets all of your business needs and saves you money.

How can VoIP increase productivity

For example, lets say that you find a great candidate for a position, but that candidate is geographically undesirable, with a VoIP phone system, you could easily incorporate that person into your company’s telephone system. All that you would have to do is to send this person a $150.00 VoIP phone set which they could plug into any high speed internet connection and they instantly become part of your business phone system. Obviously, increasing the quality of your staff will lead to an overall improvement in productivity.

Disaster recovery is another benefit of a VoIP phone system. If your company had a business VoIP Phone system and your offices were damaged by some natural disaster of fire, you phone system could be quickly and easily be reprogrammed to ring the cell phones of each of your employees. This is not a perfect solution, but it is better than not having a phone system. If you were able to retrieve the VoIP phone sets from your office, each employee could take their phones home with them and your phone system would function as if nothing had happened.


Before deciding on a business VoIP Phone system, do an analysis of what your current needs are and then find a VoIP Provider that meets those needs. If you do this, I am pretty sure that price will not be your highest priority.