Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), ensures that callers are accurately routed to the right queue in the right priority, and to the next available call center agent with the correct skills.

The Automatic Call Distribution feature set includes hunt groups, call queuing, when all call center agents are busy, and no-answer or overflow treatments, as well as an integrated Auto-Attendant to route, calls to the correct group of call center agents.

Call Distribution Features

A call received by a call center can be distributed to the various agents staffing the queue using different algorithms.

Following are the different types of call distribution

  • Regular call distribution: Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear on the list, starting from the top each time.
  • Circular call distribution:  Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear on the list, starting with the agent who follows the agent who received the previous call. When the search reaches the end of the list, it loops back to the top and continues until it has tried all users.
  • Uniform call distribution:  Incoming calls hunt through all agents, starting with the agent who has been idle the longest and ending with the agent who most recently answered a call.
  • Simultaneous call distribution: Incoming calls alert all agents at the same time. The first agent to answer handles the call.
  • Weighted call distribution: Incoming calls are assigned to idle agents based on percentages assigned to the agents in the call center’s profile. This feature supports an element of skills-based routing since a higher percentage of calls can be routed to more highly skilled agents within the call center.

There is no limit to the number of call centers an individual agent can be assigned to and an agent’s selection criteria can vary in each call center. Therefore, an agent can be the first selection in the “English-speaking new car sales” call center and the last selection in the “Spanish-speaking used car sales” call center.

By the same logic, an agent can be a member of the primary “Sales” call center as well as an agent in the “Support-Overflow” call center that includes agents who act as backups for when the main “Support” call center is overloaded.

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