Call Center Supervisor Overview

AVAD Technologies’s virtual call center solution is powered by the industry leading Broadsoft platform.

Why Does AVAD Technologies Use Broadsoft?

The versatility of the Broadsoft VoIP platform makes it an ideal solution for our customers. The ability of this platform to provide a full range of advanced telecommunications services enables AVAD Technologies to offer our customers a complete suite of business class calling and virtual call center features that have been completely tested prior to being released.

Benefits Of The BroadSoft Platform

Scalability and reliability: As a software-based solution, Broadsoft is fully scalable, delivers 99.999% uptime, and provides voice and data connectivity in the event of planned or unplanned disruptions.

Proven Deployments: The Broadsoft platform has been proven through deployments by hundreds of telecommunications service providers. In addition, it has been validated to support more than 20 million subscribers in a single deployment.

Feature-Rich and Affordable: Allows AVAD Technologies’s to offer its customers a complete set of enhanced capabilities without the operational and maintenance expenses associated with on-premises PBX equipment.

Open Platform: Broadsoft open architecture offers an enterprise solution that works seamlessly with leading VoIP equipment manufacturers like Polycom and Cisco. In addition, AVAD Technologies’s customers will benefit from an open interface and portal so AVAD Technologies can easily and inexpensively deploy, manage and administer our customer’s hosted VoIP systems.