Virtual Call Center Deployment

Deploying a call center requires careful planning and coordination. AVAD assigns a team of Business VoIP Specialist that will work with your company to ensure the deployment of your call center goes as sooth as possible.

Here are the basic steps

Step 1: AVAD quickly provisions a new cloud based call center.

Step 2: We train the trainers. We teach your call center administrative staff how to use our solution. We teach them how to create IVR’s, upload IVR messages, add new agents and supervisors, establish queues, define call flows and how to use our call center agent and supervisor software.

Step 3: When your staff has been trained on our system, we will help you pull the switch and make your new call center live. We will transition your toll-free numbers and call center agents are ready to receive calls!

Our support does not end after installation

We assign a dedicated team of specialists to your company. It is like having your own in-house telecom department.